A Guide To Creating The Best-Looking Stickers

If you need custom stickers to impress customers or simply for fun, you likely want the stickers to look as amazing as possible. How your stickers look will be based on the artwork you provide to the full color printer. However, different companies also use different sticker printing and cutting techniques, so there are several services you should look into.

Print At The Highest Resolution

Always print your stickers at the highest resolution possible. An image that looks great on the screen will not necessarily look as great if it is not printed at the highest resolution possible. This is especially true for images that are highly detailed.

Use Thick Vinyl

The thickness of the vinyl affects how nice the stickers look and how easily they lay down. Therefore, you will want to request this when using a full color printing company. Vinyl is better than other materials thanks to the tendency of vinyl to be waterproof. 

Don't Skimp On Paper Backing

Strong paper backing will increase the strength of the stickers so that they will not tear when they are carried in a pocket or backpack. This is especially helpful if you will give the stickers to children.

Find Out What Shapes Are Available

Ask the company which shapes the stickers can be cut in. Some companies will only allow for oval, square, or round shapes, while others allow for customized polygons. Die cut stickers can come in virtually any shape.

Determine Whether You Need An Exact Color

For a lot of situations, you can get away with the more simplistic approach of CMYK printing. However, if you need your stickers to be a very specific hue, you might want to choose Pantone printing. With this option, the stickers are matched with the exact color you choose.

Consider Getting Transparent Stickers

Transparent stickers tend to look better when placed on a surface, since they blend in more with the surface they are stuck to. If the sticker only consists of plain text and a transparent background, this can create the impression that the text is printed directly over the object the sticker is placed over.

Choose The Ultimate Black

Not all shades of black are the same. Mixing all four CMYK colors into the black ink makes it much richer. Ask the full color printing company if they will change your artwork to create the ultimate black. Then, you will have the most attractive stickers possible. Contact a printer, like Excalibur Printing, for more help.