Personalize Your Business Card To Make It Unique And Memorable

Your business card is your personal calling card that represents who you are and what you do. Small details on your business card, done by custom printing or other methods, can make a lasting impression on current and potential clients. Here are some unique ideas to distinguish your business card from other cards and make it memorable:

Choose a Business Card That Shows Who You Are Without Words - Choose a business card design that is truly reflective of who you are and what you do. You can distinguish your card with a unique shape, fold, or design and it will stand apart from other people in your business field. Any deviation from the standard business card size of 3.5" x 2" will make your card stand out from other cards. Show what you do without using words. 

  • If you are a furniture designer, design a card on card stock that can be bent and folded into a chair or table. 
  • If you are an optometrist, choose a business card in the shape of a pair of glasses.
  • If you are a dog trainer, have a business card in the shape of a happy, running dog. 

Print Your Business Card On a Material That You Use - Have your business card printed on an unusual material that you use in your job. Print your card on rubber, glass, metal, wood or other material appropriate to who you are and what you do. 

  • If you are a clothing designer, have a business card that is made of cloth and stitched together. 
  • If you are a physical trainer, have your business card printed on wristbands or a headband. 
  • If you a jeweler, have your business card die cut on copper or brass. 
  • If you are a candy maker, have your business card printed on the label of a small bar of chocolate.

Use Mixed Typography on Your Business Card - Mix contrasting fonts together in different colors and sizes to add interest and variety to your business card. Have your type embossed so that your client can feel the thickness of the ink. As an alternative, have your type die cut so all of the letters are cut out of the card and only spaces remain. Play with the typography on your card to come up with a unique design statement. 

Add Humor to Your Business Card - Humor on a business card can have great impact. Use humor wherever you can to give your client a reason to smile when they think of you and your business. Just a hint of humor on a business card can give your client a reason to call you. 

Any of these design ideas will make your card memorable. When having your business cards made or printed, incorporate some unique features into your cards. Those features give your business card distinct unspoken qualities and leave the impression that you are a thinking person who cares about details.