Create A Clever Gift For Any Milestone With Personalized Signage

If you are looking for a clever gift for someone celebrating a special event, but you don't want to spend a fortune, consider a custom sign. These can be used for a wide range of inventive and fun gift ideas, and, if you buy durable vinyl signage, the gift doesn't have to cost a lot.

Some ways to utilize a printing company for your commemorative signs include the following:

A housewarming. Give someone who just bought their first home a useful and clever gift by having a sign printed for their property with the family's name and year that they moved in. These are often seen at estates and mansions, usually near the driveway or entrance to the home. A customized vinyl sign will look great and hold up during all kinds of weather, while still being an affordable gift to give.

A retirement. Take a playful jab at someone who is getting ready to retire with a funny sign to send them off. For example, give them a 'golf-carts only' or 'loaf zone' sign for them to have a laugh before they leave the workplace to retire.

A promotion. Have a printing company make a sign for someone who has just accepted a new position or gotten a promotion at work. Give a sign with the individual's name and position for them to use in their office or on their door, or make one to indicate their parking place in the company lot. These are useful for the recipient and fun for colleagues to create!

A wedding. Looking for a distinct wedding gift that won't cost a bundle? Create a cool sign with the couple's last name and the year of the wedding that they can display in their home after the honeymoon. Another idea is to create a sign with the couple's last name for their home-bar or rec-room; signs like 'Murphy's tap-room" or the "Smith Family Bar and Tavern" with the year of establishment are some fun ideas that couples will enjoy!

A birthday. What do you give someone who seems to have everything and still stay within budget? Come up with something clever at the printer's, such as a testament to the recipient's life with some unique vinyl signage. For example, create a series of signs that each bear a nickname or former address of the birthday boy or girl; when hung together in a grouping, this makes a unique and eclectic wall display that pays tribute to the guest of honor's life.

Get imaginative when it comes to commemorating a special occasion with a clever, customized sign. Visit a printing company like R & L Press Inc to find options that fit the event and your budget. The guest of honor will love the thought and care that went into the gift, and they will enjoy their personal gift for years to come!