Three Reasons To Get A Custom-Printed Drum Head

If you're a drummer in a band that has started to play more and more shows locally and perhaps even goes on small tours, it can be fun to think about how to improve the look of your drum kit. A popular option is getting a custom-printed drum head for the bass drum. There are all sorts of different designs that appear on bass drums, but the most common option is the band's name and logo. Look online to find a company that does this type of unique printing, and then begin to think about some design ideas. There are several reasons that it's a good idea to get a custom-printed drum head, including the following.

Professional Look

Even if your band is still small, you want to not only sound professional but also look the part. There are lots of ways to help give your group a professional appearance, including using a custom-printed drum head. When you watch high-level music acts on TV, online, or at festivals, you'll see that the bass drum almost always has a custom-printed head. Replacing your standard drum head with one that has a custom printed design can immediately give your drum kit — and your band, by extension — more of a professional look.

Name Recognition

New bands often play short sets at festivals and other events in which several groups are playing. When you're on stage, you want people to know your band name. Unless they're in attendance at the start of your set, they might not know who you are. A drum head that clearly displays your name will inform them, and they can then use their phones to look you up and perhaps follow you on social media. Without this custom drum head, your group might seem anonymous to some of the fans in attendance.

Express Yourself

The other members of your band can often express themselves by moving around the stage in a certain way or making comments and interacting with the crowd. As a drummer, you're confined to your stool during the set and may feel that you lack a way to truly express yourself. A custom-printed drum head can help in this regard. For example, beyond your band's name, you might decide to have the drum head feature a design that you feel aligns with your personality. It can be fun to think about what design suits you best. Look on the internet to find a custom drum head printing service.