Four Methods For Creating Durable Paper Halloween Masks

Wearing a mask for Halloween is a tradition that can be created with just the printer in your home. A number of craft websites offer free printable masks, and when using these resources, there are ways to make them look great and durable at the same time.

Follow these tips to print and create durable masks for you, your children, or your guests at a Halloween party.


Strings or shoelaces can be uncomfortable to tie around your head. An elastic headband can fit more comfortably around any skull and stretches out to easily remove the mask.

  • Choose a headband that is a half-inch in width. This makes it easy to attach. Cut the headband so it becomes a single piece. Use a small piece of black duct tape on each end to seal the headband and prevent it from fraying.
  • Select a darker color that can blend into your hair a lot better. Tan, black, or brown are ideal choices. It will help make any type of mask look more realistic.

Printer Paper

A durable printer paper will help make the mask more secure and can prevent the ink from bleeding through. When choosing paper, choose a glossy paper for a shiny surface that prints well. Card stock paper offers a durable thickness that can last a long time while still feeling comfortable on the head.

Lamination Pouches

Setting the mask in lamination pouches or letter sized pouches can keep the mask durable for an extended time. The lamination will prevent any liquids from penetrating the paper and it can also help delay faded colors or inks waring off.

The best method is to place the whole printed sheet onto a lamination pouch, from companies like Popp Binding and Laminating, and then cut the mask out from there.

Eye Holes

One of the hardest parts of the mask to configure are the eye holes.

  • Cut small slits into the center of the eye using a knife. Stick a pair of scissors through the slit and slowly trim around the eye holes.
  • Cut and glue a small piece of felt around the back side eye hole. This makes it more comfortable to wear the mask, especially around the lashes and eye brows. The extra cushion can help prevent irritation from paper or plastic lamination.
  • Try on the mask to ensure that it is comfortable. If you vision is impaired, then cut the eye holes a little larger so you can clearly see.

The masks are not only great for Halloween, but children and adults can use them for pretend play all year long.