Tips For Saving On Printing For Your Organization

Whether you own a dance studio, karate school, or a gymnastics club, printing can quickly become a high budget item for your organization. Yet you will still need to print brochures, performance programs, and educational materials for your students. The following tips can help you cut down on some of these costs.

Tip #1: Skip Color

Color is rarely a necessity for basic classroom use. For example, if you print guides or study workbooks for students, stick to simple black and white printing since it is less expensive than color. Use color where it matters, instead. For example, the cost of color reaps more rewards when it is used in brochures that advertise your school since you want these to catch the eye and the imagination of prospective students. You may also want to use color sparingly in a performance program. For example, print the cover in color but the rest of the program in black and white.

Tip #2: Use Both Sides

Single-sided printing can be a major waste of money and paper. Make sure that everything that can be printed double sides is printed in this manner. You can even save more by using booklet style printing. This places four pages on a single sheet. You can then stack the sheets and fold them for an instant booklet. This works well for programs or student study sheets. Most PDF and word processing programs give you a booklet option, or you can ask your printer for help setting this up.

Tip #3: Bind Wisely

If you need to bind items, such as a guide or workbook, skip the three ring binders. These can become expensive very quickly. Printers usually offer a variety of binding options. For example, for full size sheets, they can print on 8 ½ by 22" paper, fold in half, and then staple to form an 8 ½ by 11" book. Smaller booklets, as mentioned above, can also be made and stapled. Another option is tape binding, which applies a layer of glue to the spine and then secures all the pages together with a fabric tape. Coil binding is another option. It is generally more expensive than tape or staples, but less expensive than purchasing binders.

Talk with a printer in your area about the options that will work best for your school. Working with one printer is another excellent way to get discounts, since they will likely sign you up for a corporate account problem and give you bulk pricing.