How To Work With A Copywriter At A Print Service

When you are looking at the services available at a printing company, you may discover that they offer copywriting services. A copywriter is a professional writer who specializes in marketing. The goal of the copywriter is to write prose that is designed to maximize the likelihood that a customer will take whichever action you are trying to encourage. Printing services will usually only hire copywriters who have a proven track record for success, but your marketing campaign is not necessarily guaranteed to be successful unless you know how to work effectively with a copywriter.

Carefully Plan Your Marketing Strategy

Working with the copywriter should be one of the last stages of the creation of your marketing campaign. Before requesting the services of the copywriter at the print service, you should understand thoroughly what you want to accomplish:

  • Are you trying to encourage your customer to call a number or send back an email address?

  • Are you requesting a meeting at the customer's home?

  • Do you want a customer to send a check immediately to purchase a product?

  • Are you sending coupons to encourage your customer to patronize your storefront?

  • Are you simply trying to increase brand recognition?

Create A Style Guide

Create a clear writer's style guide. Regardless of how talented the copywriter is, the writer will simply not know the tone, style and conventions of your company. For example, mention whether the company should be referred to in first or third person. Explain exactly who the audience is. Consider providing the copywriter with marketing materials sent in the past to give an idea of how you have been communicating with your customers.

Set The Proper Tone

Try to be as specific as possible with the tone you intend to use. For instance, do not only clarify that the tone should be serious. Explain whether the tone should be somber and sensitive or blunt and no-nonsense. A serious tone for a funeral home would be different than a serious tone for an investment bank.

Clarify Whom The Copywriter Should Contact

Clarify whom in your company will be handling the copywriter and provide the necessary contact information. The copywriter will likely have questions and need assistance when crafting the most effective copy possible. The whole process might seem tedious, but the more carefully you work with the copywriter and the rest of the print service, the better your response rate will be.