Tips For Caring For A Plastic Card Printer

Issuing identification cards to your employees can be essential for keeping your enterprise as secure as possible, but ordering these cards from a third party supplier can be an expensive option for meeting this need. To reduce costs, you can opt to purchase a plastic card printer. If you decide to make this investment, it will be important to properly maintain the printer to ensure it lasts for as long as possible, and these two tips can help with this.  

Keep The Printer Safe From Dust And Humidity

One of the best ways of ensuring that your new plastic card printer avoids problems is by making sure to keep the printer safe from excessive humidity and dust. These two problems can degrade the print heads and ribbons of the printer, which may make it difficult for it to effectively produce quality cards.

Minimizing the risks of these problems will require you to keep the printer covered with a plastic or cloth sheet when it is not in use. Also, you will want to make sure there is a dehumidifier in the room with the printer to keep condensation from forming on the interior of the printer.

Clean The Printer Monthly

Failing to regularly clean the printer can result in dust and dirt getting inside it and causing the printer to jam or incorrectly print. At least once a month, you should perform a thorough cleaning of the printer. During this maintenance, you should dust the exterior with a microfiber cloth. When cleaning the exterior, take care not to force dirt into the crevices of the printer.

After cleaning the exterior, you should use a cleaning card to maintain the interior. These cards are designed to remove any dirt or dust from the print heads and ribbon. Some of these cards will use static to remove these substances and others will require special cleaning solutions, and you will need to consult the printer's owner's manual to determine which one you need. If your printer did not come with these cards, they can be purchased from most plastic card printer suppliers.

A plastic card printer can be a great way of meeting your business's security needs for an affordable price. However, these printers can represent a major investment for your company, and taking improper care of it can cause it to have higher operating costs and more frequent malfunctions. However, if you make sure to protect the printer from humidity and dust as well as cleaning it, you will find that it is less likely to encounter problems.