3 Tips For Clearing A Paper Jam

When you have a printer or photocopy machine, bought from a location like J M Todd Inc, you might find that one of the most common issues with the equipment is having a paper jam. While not a serious problem, it can be frustrating when it keeps happening. Here are some tips to quickly and easily clear those paper jams and get back to work without incident.

Stop the Printer and Unplug it

You need to make sure the printer won't start operating while your hand is inside pulling out the paper jam, so it is a good idea to stop the current printing process and turn off the entire printer. You may also want to unplug it just to be on the safe side. Some moving parts might damage your hand or fingers if the unit is plugged in or turned on when you are working with the jam. Laser printers are even more dangerous while turned on, since it can have a lot of heat inside it. You may need to wait for parts of the printer to cool off before you can clear certain types of paper jams.

Find the Paper Path

Once the printer or photocopy machine is turned off and unplugged, you then need to figure out exactly how and where the paper is jammed. It might be jammed inside the paper drawer if using a large photocopy machine, or jammed where the paper is fed from a small, tabletop printer. Try to find the paper path and figure out how many sheets of paper are stuck. With some printing machines, it requires opening all the doors that might lead to the jam, such as paper trays, door panels, and the input and output locations. Once you have found exactly where the paper is stuck, you will be able to figure out the best way to remove it.

Clear the Paper Jam

When you start removing the paper, make sure you only use your hands. Never stick a metal object inside the printer to remove the paper unless it is your absolute last open. Most paper jams can be removed safely by hand. As you pull the paper, pull it from left to right as this is the direction the moving parts go. You also want to follow instructions on the user interface if you are using a larger printer or photocopy machine. There should be an image that shows where the paper jam is located and in which order to remove the pieces of paper. Try to remove the paper slowly and carefully so you don't tear it.