Four Ways To Make Your Business Cards Stand Out From The Competition

If your business cards don't stand out, they're likely to simply get lost in a purse or a wallet. To make your business cards distinctive, you often need to get a little creative. Here are some unique and custom methods of making your business card memorable.

1. Cut and Emboss

The text of you card is the most important aspect. Consider cut outs for emphasis and embossing to highlight the most important aspects. Most business cards are a completely flat low gloss; they all look the same when they're seen stacked side-by-side on a table. Embossing and cut outs will make your card look more visually interesting without adding a significant amount to the cost. 

2. Add a Tool

Creative card designs can be rulers, magnifying glasses, and even readable paper thumb drives. By adding a tool, you make it far more likely that someone will actually keep and look at your card. If you don't want your card design to be too involved, you can simply add a use such as a miniature calendar. Tie in your tool with your profession; a graphic designer, for instance, might add a color wheel to their card.

3. Get a Different Shape

Round cards, cards with rounded corners, and other cards with unique shapes are far more likely to stick out in a wallet. Just make sure that it still fits in a wallet or it's liable to be thrown away. Something as simple as a curved or waved edge on your card will make your card stick out to the touch, making it more likely that the card will be pulled out and reviewed. Your design can also have a thematic shape; an artist might shape their card like an easel to call attention to their work. 

4. Use Unique Materials

Business cards aren't just made from paper. Business cards can come in plastic, metal, or even wood. In fact, there are some enterprising souls who have even printed their business cards on edible food products, from chocolate to jerky. You can always create a selection of premium business cards that you use for your most valuable leads, connections, and prospective clients. 

Your printing service can give you additional ideas regarding the best ways to make your business card unique. A business card is a significant marketing investment; though traditional cards may be cheaper, they're also more likely to be forgotten entirely. Contact a location like America North Printers or a similar business for more tips and ideas.