Exploring The Benefits Of Packaging Inserts For Small Businesses

Small business owners need to take advantage of every way possible for effective, affordable advertising. If you are thinking of ways you can reach customers without spending out of your budget, you should take a good look at packaging inserts. Packaging inserts have been used by companies for many years to offer customers a good reason to come back for more. Check out how using packaging inserts can benefit your small business.

No Mailing Expenses For Sending Inserts To Existing Customers

When you process orders and send them to your customers, adding an insert doesn't cost you anything but the price to have the inserts printed. You can send discount coupons as an insert or a simple, but nice, handwritten thank-you note. You may be surprised how your existing customers will appreciate the thought and come back to you for your products. Sending inserts in packages like this can be a great way to advertise at a hugely reduced cost.

Low Initial Investment With Profitable Returns

Your initial investment for having inserts printed is usually low, meaning you will get a huge return on your investment if you get them all out to existing and potential future customers. Insert printing is affordable even if you add full colored details and cool designs, so adding everything you feel will make the biggest impact on your customers is a good idea.

You Can Send Just The Right Insert To Existing Customers

If you are sending inserts for product discounts to your existing customers, you have an advantage of already knowing what products they are interested in. Sending discount coupons for related products can be a good way to entice that customer to make another purchase. For example, if your customer ordered hair care products from you, sending a coupon for hair care accessories is smart.

Inserts Can Help You Sell Hard-To-Move Products

If you have products that have been tough to sell, consider sending coupon inserts offering them at a low price. Sending discount coupons in every package you send out can help you sell the products that have been sitting for a while in your warehouse. Even if you offer these products at a price lower than you originally had them marked as, you can at least make back a portion of your investment in them and get them off your warehouse shelves once and for all.

Sending inserts for discounts or free gifts to your customers is a great way to make them feel special. Contact local professionals, such as Flottman Company, for more detail.