How Should You Care For Your Custom Vinyl Banner?

If you have invested in a custom vinyl banner for your business, you need to know how to care for it properly. If you have never used a vinyl banner before, you may not know how to keep it looking good. Vinyl banners are an investment. The following information may be helpful if you have a new vinyl banner for your business:

How Do You Prevent or Remove Wrinkles?

If you begin to notice wrinkles in your vinyl banner, you need to get them out to prevent premature wear and tear. Wrinkles can cause the banner to develop permanent creases that not only can damage the banner but also make it look unprofessional. To best remove wrinkles, lay the banner flat in the sunlight for about an hour. If the weather is extra hot, decrease the time you leave the banner in the sunlight. If the weather is not as sunny, you can use a regular hair dryer to help smooth the wrinkles while the banner lays flat.

To prevent wrinkles in the future, consider rolling the banner instead of folding it. You will endure fewer wrinkles and creases with this method.

How Do You Clean a Vinyl Banner?

Over time, a vinyl banner may begin to look dirty. To clean your banner, you need some gentle soap and water with a soft cloth. Do not use any harsh chemicals as you can damage the vinyl and potentially fade the coloring. Wipe the banner down with soap and water, gently scrubbing any tough spots. Let the banner dry thoroughly before you store it.

How Should You Store Your Vinyl Banner?

When your banner is not in use, you need to store it properly to avoid damage. You should store your vinyl banner in a cool place free of any dampness. A damp environment will cause mildew and mold to form, which is difficult to remove. You should also store the banner away from any chemicals.

As you store your banner, roll it up with the images to the outside. This will help ensure there is little to no damage done to the lettering and images when you unroll it.

A vinyl banner is a great way to represent and build brand awareness for your business. You want to ensure your banner is in the best condition possible. If you have any questions about caring for your vinyl banner, contact the printer where you purchased the banner for further instructions.

For more tips, contact a custom displays service near you.