Businesses That Can Benefit From Printed Table Tents

In the world of commercial printing, a table tent is a printed piece of cardboard that is folded into a triangular shape that gives it a tent-like appearance. Virtually every commercial printing company can produce custom table tents for your business, so it's worthwhile to consider whether this type of printing would be beneficial where you work. The unique shape of table tents helps them to stand out, which can make them a good choice in many different applications. Here are three businesses that can benefit from using printed table tents.


Table tents are a valuable tool for sharing information with the patrons of a restaurant. If you'll soon be launching an eatery and you're thinking about your printing needs in advance of this launch, table tents should be on your list. It's common for a restaurant to use a table tent at each table. You can print all sorts of designs, including one design that features your daily specials, another that highlights some specific features of your establishment, and another that shares your social media information. It's virtually impossible for a patron not to notice a table tent in front of them, so you can be confident that your patrons will see whatever appears on your design.

Real Estate Companies

It's also useful for real estate companies to have custom table tents. When an agent runs an open house, they'll place all sorts of printed information, including business cards and specs on the property, on a table. Having a table tent nearby can bring peoples' attention to this printed material because of how it stands up. While flat items on a table aren't visible from afar, your table tent will be easy to spot. A real estate company's table tents can feature information about their company, the awards they've won, and more.


Hotels can also benefit from having table tents. While your hotel could use a food-themed table tent in its restaurant or bar, you should think about ordering other table tents to use in other areas. A table tent that lists some of the amenities at your hotel can be a good addition to the counter at the front desk, for example, while a table tent that provides internet login details can work well on the desk of each guest room. Learn more about table tents, and begin the process of placing an order for your business by contacting a commercial printing service.

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